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  • As a result of the suppression of the activity of macrophages and an increase in tissue permeability, viremia develops in the future with dissemination of the pathogen to various organs and systems. During this period, the virus enters the vascular endothelial cells, damaging them.
  • In this case, intoxication syndrome is often observed. The fixation of the virus by macrophages in the liver and spleen is accompanied by the development of changes in these organs with an increase in their size (hepatolienal syndrome). Viremia and reproduction of the pathogen in the cells of the epithelium and lymphoid tissue can be long-term.
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  • Symptoms of Adenovirus Infection: The duration of the incubation period varies from 1 day to 2 weeks, more often 5-8 days. The disease begins acutely with the development of mild or moderate symptoms of intoxication: chills or chills, mild and intermittent headache, myalgia and arthralgia, lethargy, adynamia, loss of appetite.
  • From the 2-3rd day of illness, the body temperature begins to rise, more often it remains subfebrile for 5-7 days, only sometimes reaching 38-39 ° C. In rare cases, epigastric pain and diarrhea are possible.


Symptoms of the upper respiratory tract develop at the same topiramate paths. In contrast to influenza, moderate nasal congestion appears early with abundant serous, and later - serous-purulent discharge. Sore throat and cough are possible. After 2-3 days from the onset of the disease, patients begin to complain of pain in the eyes and profuse lacrimation.